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TALONS OWLTIMATE ENCOUNTERS CIC is a zoo licensed, animal encounter, non profit community interest company based in Cornwall. We pride ourselves on providing entertaining and educational encounters for schools and other academic institutions, fun ‘meet and greet’ encounters for events, parks, parties, weddings, clubs and groups, and we specialise in therapeutic (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy) encounters for the more vulnerable members of our society i.e. the elderly, dementia sufferers, special needs, learning and other disabilities.

EDUCATION  We provide educational encounters and workshops for all ages and abilities. Whether you want a particular ‘themed’ experience, or just a mixed selection to suit all tastes, we can accommodate most requirements. A full list of the birds and animals we work with can be found here

CONSERVATION  Talons is home to several species of owl, many of which are struggling in the wild. By maintaining a selective captive breeding programme we are ensuring the future of many endangered breeds. We have a particular interest in native UK species of owls, especially the Barn owl. We also have a passion for our native hedgehogs, which are suffering a severe decline in numbers.

REHABILITATION This applies to both humans and animals. Our therapeutic encounters are in high demand from organisations and homes who are involved with the rehabilitation of vulnerable adults and young people. We take great pride in the fact that many of the animals we work with have been rescued or re-homed, and have been successfully rehabilitated to help us in this highly rewarding, but sometimes very challenging, vocation.

Talons animal encounter

We travel throughout Cornwall and South Devon providing our reputable animal encounters to all ages and abilities. Our animal encounters allow everyone to meet our wonderful birds and animals, as we bring the zoo to you! We can visit just about any type of establishment and we also have the Reptile & Raptor Roadshow that travels around shows, fetes, rallies and other events in Cornwall and South Devon during the summer months. More information can be found on our Animal Encounters page.

Talons baby owls

Many of our reptiles and animals have either been rescued or re-homed, and they are given a forever home and a new lease of life. We are not a dedicated rescue centre, but we will step in where we can. We have rehabilitated several birds and animals over the years, and we take great pride in seeing them go on to lead long and purposeful lives.

We have a large collection of owls, several of which have been specially trained to go out on our animal encounters and therapy work. They have been hand reared and are completely socialised to human contact. There are also several breeding pairs of rarer species that we keep as part of our  conservation effort – their numbers in the wild are on a steady decrease, hence our captive breeding programme in an effort to reverse this decline.

We are zoo licensed, fully insured and DBS checked. 


Members of The International Owl Society

Providing a World Wide Forum for all of those interested in Owls and supporting Owl Conservation globally. The International Owl Society was formed in 1995 and it’s objectives are to further the enhancement of husbandry for captive bred owls. To improve the breeding results of captive bred owl species and to participate in Research and Conservation programmes around the world.

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Dylan and Scruff chillin'. Just park them on a trolley and they'll stay there - enjoying all the attention in between naps! Very laid back boys. 🐹🐇
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5 days ago

Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC

We paid a visit to the Echo Centre, Liskeard this afternoon. You can tell by the huge smiles how much everyone enjoyed meeting our wonderful animals. We are so lucky to have such an amazing team of critters, large and small, and we love every single one of them. 😍🦉🐴🐌🕷🐢🐍🐜🦙🐇🦔. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC

Every so often, one of our animals rises to the challenge, exceeds expectations, and saves the day. Our new super hero is none other than Little Man! We have been jam packed with visits to homes throughout December, with the two alpaca 'reindeer' being booked solid. Unfortunately, during one visit, Fleur had a nasty slip on a 'non slip' floor - it knocked her confidence, so we decided to give her a well earned break. We then had to determine whether to cancel all the remaining visits (causing huge disappointment), or try Little Man on his own to see if he could cope. Needless to say he hasn't let us down, in fact he has been amazing and has taken on his new role like a true professional, taking everything in his stride.
We couldn't be prouder of our cheeky show off!
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This is why we do, what we do. Eric is blind so relies heavily on touch. We introduced him to several animals offering different tactile experiences, which he thoroughly enjoyed, but the big winner was Boris the Boa. It was so heartwarming to see the pleasure he got from handling and stroking Boris. Animals are the best therapy. 🐍🐢🦎🦉🦔🐇🐭🐹
#animaltherapy #animalencounter #elderly #blind #boaconstrictor #snakes #Cornwall
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