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Welcome to Talons Animal Therapy

TALONS OWLTIMATE ENCOUNTERS CIC is an assisted animal therapy company located in Cornwall. We specialise in providing therapeutic (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy) encounters for the the elderly, dementia sufferers, special needs, learning and physical disabilities. Animal therapy can also benefit those with mental health issues and victims of abuse.


TRY OUR UNIQUE HEAVY HORSE THERAPEUTIC SESSIONS  experience the healing powers of our ‘Gentle Giants’!



What we did…..

Talons started offering animal therapy visits to residential/nursing homes, day centres and other groups, plus educational encounters for schools back in 2015 – we raised essential funding to support this work by attending events, and frequent ‘bucket rattling’ sessions at various venues across the Duchy. Many of the animals and birds that provided the much loved animal therapy were rescues and re-homes that we took great pride in rehabilitating. We incorporated as a Community Interest Company (non profit) in 2018, with just three directors running all the encounters, and manning all the fundraising events, with the help of volunteers where needed. A small wildlife hospital was also set up at the Talons headquarters providing a much needed rescue service in SE Cornwall for wild hedgehogs, deer and birds of prey.

Prior to the start of the pandemic our diary was bulging as our unrivalled reputation spread far and wide, but this all came to a sudden stop when Covid arrived on our shores. Every one of our bookings was cancelled, virtually overnight, and consequently all our income streams dried up. We managed to obtain a couple of grants, that have, coupled with a fundraising campaign, kept the animals and birds fed and housed for the duration of the pandemic. Sadly, two of the directors had to find alternative employment as Covid continued to disrupt plans of restarting our work at any acceptable level.

With the situation as it is now, Talons needs to start generating an income as the previously secured funding is rapidly depleting. However, with now only one member of staff (unpaid) left, coupled with rocketing costs, it just isn’t feasible to offer the off site animal therapy visits as before. However, we do have the option of our clients coming to us, so please read on…………!

Talons animal therapy in Cornwall


What we can do now….

Talons HQ is based near Looe in SE Cornwall – it is home to many birds and animals that have found themselves unwanted, discarded or lost. There are also wildlife casualties that despite recovery, have not been able to be released. We offer them sanctuary for life, and if appropriate, they are involved in our animal therapy work. Their surroundings are idyllic, the beautiful Cornish countryside offering complete peace and quiet – perfect for those who can’t cope with crowds, noise and the general hubbub of everyday life.

We are now giving our clients the opportunity to come to us – VISITS MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE.  Provided you are in one of the core groups (please contact to discuss individual circumstances), we would like to welcome you to our sanctuary!

Our animal therapy sessions can be on a one to one basis, or in small groups. All sessions are tailored to the client’s needs and preferences. A lot of the site is wheelchair accessible, but we do not have disabled toilet facilities, so please bear this in mind. Refreshments are included in the cost of the session.

All monies raised from our animal therapy sessions are used to pay for the upkeep of all the creatures in our care i.e. food, housing, lights, heating, vet’s bills etc., the costs of which are rising at a phenomenal rate. We are a non profit organisation and are now completely reliant on income raised from these sessions, and other donations, for our survival.


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