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TALONS OWLTIMATE ENCOUNTERS CIC is a fully licensed animal encounter, and animal based therapy company located in Cornwall. we specialise in providing therapeutic (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy) encounters for the the elderly, dementia sufferers, special needs, learning and physical disabilities. We can also provide help and support to those with mental health issues – the animals are great listeners!

HEAVY HORSE THERAPEUTIC ENCOUNTERS  Experience the healing powers of our ‘Gentle Giants’!

CONSERVATION  Talons is home to several species of owl, many of which are struggling in the wild. By maintaining a selective captive breeding programme we are ensuring the future of many endangered breeds. We have a particular interest in native UK species of owls, especially the Barn owl. We also have a passion for our native hedgehogs, which are suffering a severe decline in numbers and are now classified as endangered.

REHABILITATION This applies to both humans and animals. Our therapeutic encounters are in high demand from organisations and homes who are involved with the rehabilitation of vulnerable adults and young people. Talons takes great pride in the fact that many of the animals we work with have been rescued or re-homed, and have been successfully rehabilitated to help us in this highly rewarding, but sometimes very challenging, vocation.

Many of our reptiles and animals have either been rescued or re-homed, and they are given a forever home and a new lease of life. We are not a dedicated rescue centre, but we will step in where we can. We have rehabilitated several birds and animals over the years, and we take great pride in seeing them go on to lead long and purposeful lives.

We can also help with the rehoming of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and Hairless Guinea Pigs or ‘Skinny Pigs‘. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are needing help with your hoggie or skinny.

We have a large collection of owls, several of which have been specially trained to go out on our animal encounters and therapy work. They have been hand reared and are completely socialised to human contact. There are also several breeding pairs of rarer species that we keep as part of our  conservation effort – their numbers in the wild are on a steady decrease, hence our captive breeding programme in an effort to reverse this decline.

We are licensed, fully insured and DBS checked. 

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