Welcome to Talons Care Farm and Sanctuary

‘A Special Place for Special People’

What do we offer?

Care farming activities for all disabilities, and the disadvantaged

Educational sessions, based around farming and the environment, for primary schools

People-centred, therapeutic animal encounters

Holistic Therapy sessions


What can we help with?

Learning disabilities

Physical disabilities

Mental health disorders



and much more…..!


We also run a sanctuary for many birds and animals

NB: We are not open to the public / All sessions must be booked in advance

Talons care farm and animal sanctuary Cornwall

What do we do?

Here at Talons we understand the need for experiences and learning opportunities for those with additional needs; whether that is physical disabilities, learning difficulties, neuro-diversities or mental health issues. We provide a quiet, secluded environment away from the overwhelming input of our modern world.

We offer three main experience pathways – Care farmingtherapeutic animal encounters and holistic therapies. We also offer farm visits to Primary schools. You can find out more about these through our menu.

A large part of the farm is wheelchair friendly, and we are an ideal location for those who cannot tolerate crowds and loud noises.

We are able to offer a limited number of fully funded care farming visits (*groups only) and fully funded primary school visits to the farm where Talons is based, near Looe in Cornwall. These are offered on a first come, first served basis, so please get in touch to reserve your session.

Talons care farm and animal sanctuary Cornwall
Talons care farm and animal sanctuary Cornwall
Talons care farm and animal sanctuary Cornwall

What animals do we have?

We are a little different to other animal based educational and therapeutic centres in that we have a wide diversity of animals in our care, so there should be something to suit everyone.

If you love horses then there are the magnificent Shire horses, Connie and her daughter Rosie, and a very handsome grey horse called Trevo. All love to be groomed and fussed, and are always very pleased if there is a carrot or two on offer!

If you prefer something a bit smaller, the alpacas are a huge favourite. There are our super friendly Fleur and Ivan, who both adore endless fuss and cuddles, and even joining in on a tea party – they also love going on walks and exploring!

There are some friendly (and very greedy!) sheep, a few very cute and fluffy hens, enormous rabbits (and little ones too!), guinea pigs (fluffy and bald), tortoise (large and small), and lots of surprises around every corner!

A lot of our animals have been rehomed or rescued, like Nim the Roe deer who arrived as an orphaned fawn, and many enjoy meeting and interacting with our visitors.

What happens to the money we raise?

All monies raised from our care farming and therapeutic animal encounters, as well as any donations, are used to pay for the upkeep of all the creatures in our care. As you can imagine the cost of food, housing, lights, heating and vet’s bills, combined with the ever-rising cost of living has put a tremendous strain on our finances.

We are a non-profit organisation and are completely reliant on income raised from these sessions, and other donations, for our survival. All our staff have other jobs, and we’ve been fortunate to secure grants to fund freelance work from photographers, marketing and more.

We also gratefully accept sponsorship from individuals and local businesses, to fund and part-fund sessions for those who cannot afford to visit us for the animal therapy sessions.

Talons care farm and animal sanctuary Cornwall
Talons care farm and animal sanctuary Cornwall
Talons care farm and animal sanctuary Cornwall

Your support is needed, and appreciated, as our running costs continue to rise across the board.