Animal Encounters & Therapy for everyone!


If you want to make your party or event one to remember, then our super friendly collection of animals and birds will surely do the trick!! Our animal parties and encounters in Cornwall offer fun and excitement for all ages and abilities.  From awesome owls and enormous snakes to scary spiders and tiny bugs! There’s also huge rabbits, diminutive hedgehogs, naked guinea pigs and an enormous tortoise! Depending on the time of year there may also be a cuddly lamb, or even a baby owl or two!! We’ve got something to suit all tastes. We can attend private parties, schools, care/nursing homes, holiday parks, clubs, groups and societies, fetes, festivals, shows, rallies, weddings, fundraisers – you name it, we can do it!

Animals are always crowd-pleasers and enthral young and old. Whether it’s a children’s birthday party, a charity fundraiser, a special needs group, a nursing or retirement home, a festival, wedding, the list is endless, but the joy and excitement is there for all to see at our animal encounters and parties in Cornwall.

Animals can be the most wonderful therapy for those with a physical or mental disability and we specialise in visits to these groups. We have had the most amazing results working with the more vulnerable members of our community, and we have birds and animals who are trained to cope with challenging situations i.e jerky or sudden movements, loud noises etc.

We also have a high success rate in helping people to overcome fears and phobias – snakes and spiders being the most common ones. This is a very popular option at our roadshows, though we offer private sessions if you prefer.

Animal Encounters and Animal Therapy Cornwall Talons
Animal Encounters and Animal Therapy Cornwall Talons
Animal Encounters and Animal Therapy Cornwall Talons

Talons is fully licensed, which means that we are regularly inspected to ensure the highest standards of care and welfare for our animals. We also have to abide by stringent health and safety regulations  and provide high standards of educational resources. Every animal that is used for encounters and experiences  has been specifically chosen for its temperament and suitability. Several have been hand reared from birth but there are also rescues and re-homes – all are handled regularly to ensure they’re as tame and as friendly as they can be.

Matt is our ‘all things scaly and creepy-crawly’ director, and comes with over 20 years’ experience. He has kept an array of exotics over the years and his knowledge and expertise is wide ranging. He also has the patience of a saint, and is well known for his successes in helping people overcome their fears and phobias.

Senara is the founder of Talons, now co-director,  and her passion for, and dedication to, her animals and birds is renowned. Fondly known as the ‘mad owl’ lady, her love for all of her birds  and animals is obvious, and she has dedicated her life to their care and rehabilitation. Senara runs the wildlife hospital, based at her home, and here she cares for, and rehabilitates, sick and injured birds of prey, hedgehogs, native reptiles and orphaned deer fawns.

Tegen has recently joined the company full time after completing a university degree in conservation and ecology. She has inherited her mother’s (Senara) passion for all birds and animals, and is actively involved in their day to day care.

Every private animal encounter is individually tailored to your requirements and we’ll do our best to bring the animals you really want to see.

We have bases in both Looe and Redruth so we  can bring our animal parties and encounters to you, anywhere in Cornwall and Plymouth/South Devon.

For larger events, rallies, festivals and fundraisers we can attend with the Reptile & Raptor Roadshow. Please contact us for further details.

Our Animals:

Snakes – from 1ft to over 13ft long!


Dwarf Tortoise


 Giant Tortoise

Owls – large and small

Giant Rabbits

Cornish Micro Hippos


Pygmy Hedgehogs

Cuddly Lap Rabbits

Guinea Pigs

Giant Snails

Short Tailed Opossum


Stick Insects

Adorable donkeys

Little Man & Fleur the Alpacas

Bugs and beetles galore!


We are now taking bookings for our two alpacas, Little Man and Fleur to attend your event or visit homes, schools, weddings, parades etc!

Little Man and Fleur are both hand reared and very friendly. They are available for all kind of events and visits, being especially loved by residents at retirement and nursing homes. They are both unflappable and love exploring new places and meeting people – they will even travel quite happily in a lift! Fleur adores cuddles and blowing kisses, whilst Little Man is the cheeky monkey who shows off by rolling wherever he can!

Around Christmas time, these two are very popular at festive events, and with the application of a pair of (toy!) antlers, they make excellent stand-in reindeer!




Our newest recruits are two adorable donkeys, Herbie and Samuel. They are only four years old, so have lots to learn, but being donkeys, they’re very intelligent and fast learners. They will attend some outdoor fundraising events initially, and we’ll then introduce them to visiting homes and day centres and eventually they will be available for all events, weddings and school visits.

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