Animal Therapy for Homes & Day Centres

Animal Therapy for Homes and Day Centres

Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC specialises in therapeutic (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy) animal encounters for the more vulnerable members of our society i.e. the elderly, dementia sufferers, special needs, learning and other disabilities. Animals can be the most wonderful therapy for those with a physical or mental disability and we have had the most amazing reactions during our visits to homes and day centres, which has delighted the residents and carers alike. We cover the whole of Cornwall with our animal therapy encounters.

To ensure the welfare of everyone involved, we have birds and animals who are specially chosen and trained to cope with the challenging situations they are likely to meet, i.e jerky or sudden movements, loud noises, heavy hands etc., and they will remain calm and unruffled regardless. Our visits are usually for an hour, but we don’t clock watch and will stay until everyone has had chance to see the animals. For care homes, we are more than happy to visit individual bedrooms, to make sure that no one misses out.

We are fully insured, licensed and DBS checked. 

Recent reviews from homes and day centres where we have provided a therapeutic animal encounter:

We have had several visits from Talons at Kernow House and our residents, relatives and staff keep asking for return visits. We have met snakes, alpacas, rabbits, a hedgehog, a Cornish Micro Hippopotamus and because it was requested by a resident, Princess the tarantula. Senara and Matt always have lots of time, patience and understanding for exactly what we need. They will even take animals to those residents who are in bed but fancy a cuddle. Thank you for your excellent work, Talons!


Our residents at Rivermead View, a dementia care home, always look forward immensely to the visits by the birds and animals. These sessions are informal and unhurried, whilst being fully focused on the contentment of the animals themselves. We can’t wait to see them again on Christmas Eve!

S Hodgson-Watt

Fantastic afternoon, our people at The Echo Centre, absolutely loved the experience, and will definitely be asking them back for another session, and we will be brave enough to have the snakes !!

M Williams

Talons came to visit us with the two alpacas and three “lap” rabbits in our nursing home. Our residents absolutely loved them and the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating helping us adapt to the different levels of need.

T Broyd

I work as the Deputy of a nursing home.Talons visited earlier today with a range of wonderful animals. They were both patient and obviously cared about the effect their visit gave to our residents. Thank you both so much!

M Alexandra

Animal encounters, animal therapy, weddings, Cornwall Talons
Animal encounters, animal therapy, weddings, Cornwall Talons
Animal encounters, animal therapy, weddings, Cornwall Talons

Our Animals:

Snakes – from 1ft to over 13ft long!


Dwarf Tortoise

Small Lizards

 Giant Tortoise

Owls – large and small

Giant Rabbits

Cornish Micro Hippos

Pygmy Hedgehogs

Cuddly Lap Rabbits

Guinea Pigs

Giant Snails

Bosc Monitor


Stick Insects

Super friendly Alpacas

Heavy Horses*

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