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Talons Owltimate Encounters is a community interest company. In order to be accepted by the Regulator as a CIC, you must be able to satisfy the community interest test – in other words you have to demonstrate that the company is being formed to serve the community, rather than for private profit motives.

We are very proud of our strong company ethos to support, embrace and contribute to our community and we have worked hard to build strong relationships with local groups and organisations. You can find us supporting local events and fundraisers, holding ‘free to attend’ roadshows, providing valuable experience and training to volunteers, and offering animal rescue and re-homing services, to name just a few.

SIMS course at Talons

Earlier this year we were delighted to be involved in the provision of a course run by  local organisation Step into MY Shoes CIC (

Step Into Animal Magic was a 5 week workshop looking at health management combined with distraction. The project was the 1st collaboration between Step Into MY Shoes CIC  and Talons Owltimate Encounters, who delighted participants with their birds, mammals and reptiles. Our target area was Pelynt and surrounding areas, and Step Into MY Shoes c.i.c were successful in their bid for comic relief funding enabling the delivery of this unique workshop, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Feedback from participants included the following comments:

“Getting time with the animals, setting goals and achieving them. Feeling welcome and accepted for all that I spoke about. This course has literally saved my life. All the things I have gained during the 5 weeks of the course has made a difference to my life.”

“I enjoyed the sessions I attended. I found the Theory side useful and insightful and on the practical side very pleasing and to handle and interact with the different animals was very enjoyable. The course was emotional and raised my awareness so this has had a positive impact on me and my life.”

Volunteers at Talons


We offer volunteering opportunities at Talons, working with the birds and animals – this can involve attending events, assisting with visits to homes and schools, and helping with the routine care and attention that is required on a daily basis. We work closely with a local charity, providing volunteer placements to those members of our society who need a helping hand to regain confidence and a sense of value. Volunteers must be over 18 yrs of age.

Details of current volunteering opportunities can be found here:

Case studies (names have been changed to protect identity)

Andrew joined us 18 months ago. He had been homeless and had spent two years living on the streets – he was also an alcoholic, and had been in trouble with the police on numerous occasions. A local charity (focusing on the vulnerable and marginalised) stepped in and took him under their wing. As part of his rehabilitation, he joined Talons as a volunteer, to improve his self esteem, build his confidence, and gain valuable work experience. Andrew now has his own home, a full time job, is teetotal, and has regained his self respect and is building bridges with his family. He is still a very much valued part of the Talons team.

Alison was diagnosed with breast cancer, two years ago. After undergoing intensive treatment, she is now in remission, but has suffered lasting side effects from all the drugs she had to take. She is unable to work, and this has had a huge effect on her self esteem, causing severe depression and anxiety. Alison helps us with the care of the owls, and can often be heard giggling furiously at their antics when cleaning the aviaries, or deep in conversation with a particular bird. Since joining us she has regained her self worth, is full of confidence, and has cancelled her counselling sessions! Her autistic son very often accompanies her, and he also loves his time around the birds and animals.

If you would like to talk to us about our volunteering opportunities, then please contact us.

Talons disabled owl

We have several projects ‘on the boil’ that we hope to see come to fruition in the next year or two. They will involve offering further amenities to the disabled, and those living with long term health conditions. One of the directors of Talons suffers from a debilitating long term illness, so we can empathise and identify with this particular issue.  We also intend to expand our rehabilitation facilities to provide a local facility, encouraging community involvement and integration. There are also several groups and organisations dedicated to the support of ex-service men, woman and their families which we would like to be able to forge symbiotic relationships with.

If you know of, or are part of a local group or organisation, which could benefit from working with us, then please get in touch.


FRIENDS OF TALONS (FOTOE) Become a friend by sponsoring an animal, helping us to fund raise, volunteering or by running promotional campaigns on our behalf (social media etc.). All FOTOE members receive exclusive insights, visits and other privileges.



Kernow Weather Team is an independently run, non profit related, friendly team with a genuine interest in our weather in Cornwall.

SIMS is a Cornish based, non profit company, that delivers educational workshops and courses for people living with long term health conditions, and those that support them.

CAPH is a Community Interest Company owned by schools in Cornwall. Our purpose is to be a vehicle for improvement and innovation for education in Cornwall, through supporting school leaders and staff.