Disabled access and facilities needed!

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LOOKING FOR HELP AND ADVICE PLEASE. As you know, we spend a lot of our time working with clients of all ages, who suffer from varying degrees of disability, and we have had some amazing reactions and results from our work with them. We are frequently asked by these groups whether they can visit the farm where we are based. Well yes, we’d love to have them here, but we do not have the disabled access and facilities these people need. We decided to look into the viability of making us accessible and arranged an access survey, carried out by Disability Cornwall. It’s not a huge amount of work we need doing – a parking area, access over gravelled tracks, ramps and a toilet. The biggest issue, as always, is the cost. We don’t have any spare money as the animals see to that, and getting grant funding is nigh on impossible at the moment (we’ve tried!).

So, we are asking if there is anyone out there who could help? Perhaps a builder/building firm (or two, three or four) would be kind enough to donate a bit of work/materials here and there? We know it’s a big ask, and we’re not sure what we can offer in return, but all we can do is ask.

We have the full support of Disability Cornwall, who are keen to have somewhere like this, fully accessible for their clients, as it is much needed. We have had visits from a few groups, (elderly, autistic, with some in wheelchairs) and the feedback has been wonderful, but it would be even better if we could provide the right facilities.

We’ve set up this fundraising page as suggested by some of our wonderful supporters – we’ve chosen Givey as we will receive 100% of any donations, unlike other fundraising pages. We’re not expecting miracles, but we are intent on making this happen, so thank you to everyone who has made suggestions so far, and we’ll keep on ‘banging the drum’!

Talons fundraising page for disabled access and facilities