Heavy Horse Therapeutic Encounters

Experience the Healing Powers of the Heavy Horse

We invite you to experience the healing therapy of just spending time with these amazing horses. Our ‘Gentle Giants’ can offer comfort to the heaviest of hearts, and calm the most troubled mind. Slow your breath as hands touch fur, gently dropping into their world to experience a true state of peace. Horses have huge hearts, time spent with these amazing creatures is transformational. There is nothing out there that beats a heavy horse hug!

Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC specialises in therapeutic (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy) animal encounters for the more vulnerable members of our society. We have found meeting our horses is of particular benefit to; the elderly, dementia sufferers, those with special needs or learning difficulties, disabilities, and those struggling with mental health issues.

Meet Our Gentle Giants

Our four strong heavy horse therapy team are, Beauty, Connie and Rosie (a family of Shire horses), and Ruby the Clydesdale.

Our Shires


Beauty is the most gentle horse you could hope to meet and is a firm favourite with everyone, she is our oldest resident at 25yrs. She’s not had the easiest life herself, being taken seriously ill at the age of 9 then fighting back from a mere 5% chance of survival. Her own health issues perhaps give her a wisdom and kindness towards those who have also struggled at times with life.


Heavy Horse Therapy Cornwall Talons



Connie is now 16, and is Beauty’s daughter. She’s a very big girl, but a big softie at heart and a total attention seeker. She loves nothing more than a kind gentle stroke or a gentle nose rub.




Rosie is Connie’s daughter, and will be 10 this year. She’s a complete throwback, as she’s a grey roan, whilst her parents and grandparents are all black. Rosie is quite timid, but is ruled by her stomach, so her favourite treat will always get her attention!  




Our Clydesdale Ruby

Ruby is the baby of the family and will be 6 yrs old this year, she joined us two years ago. Ruby has a cheeky personality and loves to play with anything within reach! She is a very sweet and gentle girl who often brings a smile to everyone who meets her.




Our Sessions

Sessions with our heavy horses are only available at our base in South East Cornwall, on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. There’s no timetable and no pressure, our visitors can spend as much time with one horse, or all four within their allocated slot.

Please be aware that these experiences are just to meet the horses from the ground, we don’t offer any riding.

We are fully insured, licensed and DBS checked. 

Our Animals:

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Heavy Horses*

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