Help Save Talons!

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Oh dear, I’ve been dreading this post! It seems we are always either on the scrounge for freebies, or asking for donations these days. This time though, we REALLY need your help because we are in SERIOUS trouble here.

No doubt you are all aware of this dear little virus that’s currently running rife and scaring the wits out of everybody? Well it’s caught up with us now, as all our bookings for homes and day centres are being cancelled, and we’ve gone from being almost fully booked to unemployed in a few days!! We have lost over 80% of our already meagre income (this %age will rise if the situation continues), and with no light at the end of the tunnel we are worried sick. Our birds and animals are going to require feeding and care regardless and we now have very little money coming in. We are still going out to a local shopping centre ‘bucket rattling’, but with fewer shoppers we’re taking less and less in donations.

We’ve sought advice from finance specialists, and there’s absolutely no help available to us at this time, so they have suggested an online fundraiser in the hope it might keep us afloat in the meantime. So here’s the link, and to say we are DESPERATE is the understatement of the year. HELP!!!!