Talons’ post Covid plans for 2021.

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Talons’ post Covid plans for 2021 – time for an update on our future plans, now that there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a very difficult year for everyone, us included. Thanks to your amazing support, we’re still here, but there will have to be changes going forward.
2020 would have been our busiest year to date as the diary was filling up at an astronomical rate. The majority of our work is based in residential and nursing homes, and bookings were flooding in for existing and new clients – frustratingly our return to them is still unknown.
Sadly, Matt (Co Director) has had to seek employment elsewhere due to the uncertainty of what we will be able to do, and when. He has a young family to support and needs some security. He’s not leaving us entirely though, and hopes to keep his hand in doing a few parties and homes when he can. He will review his position next year when, hopefully, we will be back to a more normal version of life.
Senara is going to be working from home a lot more, and will be offering one to one and small group sessions to the disabled, and those with mental health issues. This means that we can work with the bigger animals that we have here – namely our Gentle Giants. I’m sure that you will agree that a cuddle with a Shire horse will make the world a much better place!
We’re afraid that we will not be able to attend any events this year as we are a now our main events man down.
Matt will try and accommodate parties where he can, but they will have to fit around his work.
I (Senara) will have to reduce the homes to Cornwall based only (when we can eventually visit again), and may not be able to take on any new ones for a while.
I’m happy to attend any local weddings with either Little Man or one of the owls, and I have to thank Frieda And The Moon for sending several bookings my way already!
I am hoping to be able to maintain our school encounters, but the area I can cover will be limited to mid, and SE Cornwall. It won’t be practical, or possible for me to cover Matt’s area of West Cornwall.
I’m hopeful that we can limp along for this year, and then see what 2022 brings. It’s been so incredibly hard to decide what’s for the best, but I think we’ve found a reasonable way forward for this year, at least. We aren’t in a position to take on anyone else, so we have to make the best of what we’ve got!!