Therapeutic Animal Encounters

Talons’ therapeutic animal encounters can help to improve the well-being of those with:

Mental health issues i.e. depression and anxiety




Learning and physical disabilities

Victims of abuse

Talons animal therapy in Cornwall

What is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CGT)?

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CGT) is proven to help stimulate and improve cognitive functioning, and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Time spent with our animals can greatly improve wellbeing by providing physical and mental stimulation, as well as offering comfort and inner peace. Animals have an innate ability to read our thoughts and feelings and respond accordingly – instilling confidence where there is none, causing laughter instead of tears, and calming the anxious and troubled.

What animals do we have?

We are a little different to other animal based therapeutic centres in that we have a lot of different creatures here, so there should be something to suit everyone. If you love horses then there are the magnificent Shire horses, Connie and her daughter Rosie, and a very handsome grey horse called Trevo. All love to be groomed and fussed, and are very pleased if there is a carrot or two on offer! If you prefer something a bit smaller, the alpacas are a huge favourite. They’re very used to people and Fleur loves nothing more than fuss and cuddles, and joining in on a tea party.  Then there are some friendly (and very greedy!) sheep, a few very cute and fluffy hens, enormous rabbits (and little ones too!), guinea pigs (fluffy and bald), tortoise (large and small), and lots of surprises around every corner! A lot of our animals have been rehomed or rescued, like Nim the Roe deer who arrived as an orphaned fawn, and all have stories to be told.

How do I book a Therapeutic session?

Bookings for our therapeutic animal encounters are accepted by referral from a medical professional, carer or supporting organisation, or by self referral.

Clients can attend their session with one nominated carer/support worker. Please use our contact form, or phone for a friendly chat. 

Each person centred session lasts from 1 – 2 hours and is tailored to the client’s individual needs and preferences. No rush, no noise, no crowds. 

Sessions can be booked for any afternoon, including weekends. The weather will need to be reasonable to gain the best experience so some flexibility is required. 

Our therapeutic animal encounter sessions are offered either on a one to one basis, or in small groups.

Bookings from  memory cafes, day centres and other support groups are welcome. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A lot of our site is wheelchair accessible, and we welcome all disabilities. Please note that we do not currently have disabled toilet facilities.

Refreshments are included in the cost of the session.

Sorry, but we cannot allow any dogs on site due to the very sensitive animals and birds that live here.

What happens to the money we raise from the therapeutic sessions?

All monies raised from our therapeutic animal encounters in Cornwall, are used to pay for the upkeep of all the creatures in our care i.e. food, housing, lights, heating, vet’s bills etc., the costs of which are rising at a phenomenal rate. We are a non profit organisation and are now completely reliant on income raised from these sessions, and other donations, for our survival. There are no paid members of staff – everyone here donates their time on a voluntary basis to care for the animals and birds.

We are struggling with the spiralling costs of caring for the birds and animals –

please help by donating below.