Animals at Weddings!

Wedding guests with a difference!

Want to do something just a little bit different on your wedding day?  Our super friendly alpaca Little Man, dressed in his made to measure tuxedo, will not fail to make your special day even more memorable. Or there’s Figgy the African Wood owl, who’s already dressed to impress! Animals at weddings are guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter, especially these two with their cheeky antics – they are also extremely photogenic and real posers! There are other animals to choose from if you prefer, but these two are our most experienced wedding attendees, and are pretty well bombproof in most situations.

Please note that we do not offer any flying services from Figgy as it really isn’t his thing (way too much to go wrong too!).

They’re both happy to stay for a couple of hours, but no longer, as that is long enough for any self respecting owl or alpaca. They are both hand raised, so are very well socialised. Little Man is also toilet trained, but the same cannot be said for Figgy (he’s good, but not THAT good!).




Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’ll do our very best to help. When making an enquiry please provide as much information as you can, i.e. date, location, numbers attending, how long you would want us for – this will enable us to give you an accurate idea of the cost for our services.

If you have booked a wedding with Frieda and the Moon , then please book Figgy or Little Man direct with them, to avoid confusion.

NB : We do not have a price list as there are just far too many variables. 




We are fully insured, licensed and hold all the relevant risk assessments and DBS checks.







Animal encounters, animal therapy, weddings, Cornwall Talons
Animal encounters, animal therapy, weddings, Cornwall Talons
Animal encounters, animal therapy, weddings, Cornwall Talons

Our Animals:

Snakes – from 1ft to over 13ft long!


Dwarf Tortoise

Small Lizards

 Giant Tortoise

Owls – large and small

Giant Rabbits

Cornish Micro Hippos

Pygmy Hedgehogs

Cuddly Lap Rabbits

Guinea Pigs

Giant Snails

Bosc Monitor


Stick Insects

Super friendly Alpacas

Heavy Horses*

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